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Why Tuscout

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We will give you all information Regarding the product

From providing all the information regarding machines you are purchasing to guide you on selection of machines or models available in various ranges, viz-a-viz your industry’s requirement and your future plan to actual delivery, installation and services thereafter - TuScout machineries will be with you.

We make all machines available for you to inspect and if possible – see the demo – whenever / wherever possible. When you buy from authorized TuScout machineries sales partner, we remain responsible for the better functioning of the machines. So, feel no obligation in demanding good service from TuScout machineries.

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Team of Service Engineers always at your service

TuScout machineries has a very big and efficient service engineers' team to look after all the machines in the largest range in the field.

So we train service engineers of our sales partners in different states & cities for normal services and send expert engineers from corporate office to anywhere in the country. We try to keep our services timely and cost-effective. We also train machine operators at customers' end if required, so that costly machines are better handled, well maintained.

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Easy availablity of the spare parts

Spare-parts are a crucial component in any machinery segment. More so in Panel Processing m/cs, which can give you world-class quality with assured local support. We maintain a huge stock of standard spare parts that require replacing. All other parts can also be provided in short notice.

Technical operative manuals are provided with almost all machines, which has systematic information about ordering the spares as well. Our dealers are well equipped to handle these spares requests from customers.

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Customer care & after sales support

We believe, service to customers is in our own interest. If customers are happy, we will be happy. Only pleasant experience and satisfactory services can assure long-term relation with customers.